12 Feb 2014 - 9:54 am

“Fashion is always evolving and changing, so why not have a location change?” questioned eminent fashion-designer Alexander Wang. In direct response Wang unveiled his latest Fall Collection in a 100,000 square foot Duggal greenhouse at the Navy Yard in Brooklyn. He asserted that fashion and theatre go hand in hand. “You want to create an experience. Clothes are clothes, at the end of the day. You’re not reinventing the wheel there. So you want to be proposing an idea that entertains people ? and gets them to come out to Brooklyn in the cold. There are so many fashion shows on the calendar, it’s important to create that individual moment between you and the audience.” A futuristic set with metallic pillars, a rotating stage and loud techno music were employed to simultaneously create a spectacular performance and show off his collection. A highlight of show was the use of heat-activated fabric that changed from black to color when exposed to warm temperature. Intersecting simplicity and intricacy, the collection is based on the contradictory themes of survival and sophisticated luxury. Each of the pieces endeavor to unite “the great outdoors, camping, mountain climbing” with luxe fabrics such as cashmere. Avoiding a conventional Manhattan venue and with fashionistas arriving by water taxi, it is a true demonstration of Wang’s attempt to redefine the manifestation of fashion shows within the public and urban realm.

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