11 Jun 2014 - 11:19 am

Though un-commissioned by Marc Jacobs, Seattle-based content creator Melanie Biehle made this groovy case study for the label’s A/W 2014 collection. In a game of free association, she jotted down words that came to her after seeing models in their broom-stick hair and sixties-athletic layers. Among them: mod, futuristic, retro-travel, clouds, purple, purplish grey and architectural.

?I started thinking about the architecture and icons of Los Angeles and began combing the internet and Pinterest for images that made me think Retro-Futuristic Travel, L.A. Style,? Ms. Biehle says. She then composited these ?found? images of freeways, LAX, the Disney in Bilbao and palm trees with a runway model to “match”?a cool creative exercise that repurposes your hard-won pins into art.

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Find Marc Jacobs’ A/W 2014 collection on www.marcjacobs.com.