03 Sep 2014 - 8:55 am

Haymes, the Australian manufacturer and distributor of painting products, give us a exclusive first look at “2015 Color Expressions Forecast”, where we can find different vignettes with different chromatic scenarios, setting us up for next years interior trends. 


The pictures are divided in themes. In the “Raw” and “New Skin” is developed the concept of staying connected with our roots and the use of soft colors. “Rhythmic Palms” and “Exotic Botanic” take us on a journey into the diversity of the nature. And at lastly, in the “Relaxed Replay” we find ourselves in a retro era, full of cool and bright colors.


Written by Ana Rita Ramos




Photo by Martina Gemmola / Styling by Ruth Welsby.

Rhythmic Palms color theme:
Photo by Martina Gemmola
Styling by Ruth Welsby
More information at www.haymespaint.com.au