21 Jan 2015 - 6:58 pm

Imagine a world where our garments were interactive, where we benefit from them beyond the need for protection, vanity and social mores.

A garment that responds to us and serves a purpose that is more than just aesthetics and protection from the elements. That satisfies the imperative of shifting aesthetics.


DANXDARA focused on creating pieces for the male body that not only facilitates natural body movements but also enhances a full range of movements, so the garments will not only allow for physical movement but will also offer functionality. Form however remains a prime design consideration. The study of the human anatomy – in particular the male anatomy –acted as a catalyst for research and has informed choices made in application materiality and construction techniques.


The objective of the collection is creating pieces that anticipate your next move. The collection explores this in a spectrum of different ways. The prevalent anticipation being through the LEDs that respond to the slightest hint of movement. Tailored cutting provides strategically placed openings to accommodate for the wearers free motion. These are all implemented in a way that does not become obtrusive to wearer and in turn keeps the garment fully functional.



Photography Nicole Williams

Lookbook Wade Jeffre