04 Feb 2015 - 9:11 pm

Bolor Amgalan is a Sydney-based designer with an important agenda in the fashion scene.


With a zero-waste method, this quirky, sculptural and fragile composition is a fresh wow to the ecological minimalism we often see in sustainable design. It takes a bold voice to wear Amgalan’s exquisite colours, which is what we love the most about this collection called ‘Metabolism’.


Inspired of conceptual framework of the Japanese architectural movement in the 1960’s, the design explores the idea of connectedness of individuals in a collective system. An innovative new seam system was developed for the collection, as well as a zero-waste modular box textile manipulation called pending patenting. The textiles are laser cut into multi-layer bonded fabric, a sustainable alternative in fashion where garments usually are cut and stitched. The pattern pieces interlink in different ways just like Lego, saving the energy sewing takes.