04 Mar 2014 - 10:45 am

Behind the Peter Pilotto label are two very talented designers; Peter PiIlotto and Christoher De Vos. Pilotto focuses on textile and print, whereas De Vos concentrates on silhouette and drapes.

Inspired by winter and summer sports and presented at London Fashion Week , their Fall 2014 collection was truly memorable. With saturated colors, mesh tops embroidered with clusters of beads, sheepskin trims and mountainous motifs the collection embraces graphic aesthetic and athletic lines to present a merging of new and classic perspectives of elegance. The designs encourage personal expression and transcend the boundaries of age and style. It is this sense of timelessness combined with the design duos unique synergy, which allows the Pilotto label to continually evolve season to season.

Visit Peter Pilotto, www.peterpilotto.com