30 Mar 2015 - 6:49 pm

McCartney’s debut Prefall collection oscillated between sobriety and moments of exotic and unexpected quirk. The Stella that we know and love (relaxed tailoring, classic color palettes, clean lines,) was accented with inflections that wouldn’t be entirely out of place in Maurice Sendak’s fantastical children’s book, Where The Wild Things Are.

The curiosities included richly colored Mongolian-style shags, (which were, in keeping with McCartney’s long-standing vegan-friendly practices, faux,) belted in ankle-grazing incarnations, fuzzy faux fur sprouted in geometric tufts over an otherwise entirely practical navy tunic, glitter backpacks, silver star-printed multi-platform oxford shoes and crazy Cossack hats in the aforementioned Mongolian shag. Even a few somber styles – shirts, tailored trousers – were decorated in an acid trip-worthy neon botanical print.


Parisian touches such as felted berets and impeccably constructed outerwear amongst expertly draped and folded separates grounded the collection into impossibly chic territory… Le Freak, C’est chic.