21 Jan 2015 - 6:00 pm

When envisioning the world of Margiela, shades of white, lab coats and witty, reinvented constructions come to mind. Doing so with the eccentric Galliano, a red blanket of surreal creations in feather, glitter and bejewelled ornaments sweep away all that minimalism in a second.


When Galliano was announced as the new Creative Director for the Dutch atelier, curious minds started to contemplate, questioning how this scenario of a distinct romantic escapist designing for such a reticent fashion house would look? The answer was candidly obvious.


What these two poetic dreamers have in common, is the wish for a world with less conventions and stronger personal autonomy. Who said it has to be symmetrical? Well, Galliano did not, in this sought-after haute couture show last week.


For Margiela, provoking could be an inside-out pocket on that triple collar coat. Anything but staying inside of the box. Galliano mastered, in the lavish world of haute couture, to speak this voice. Heavy fabrics and see-through plastics in tones of red, black and camel made a collection of surreal seafood creations with an androgynous touch. Reinventing the familiar, Galliano does what he always did – taking us into a glimpse of his dreams – another dimension altogether. He might be able to give us this feeling of escaping the world, just like fashion should do, but escape is not the word here. Galliano is here to remain as one of our leading fashion dreamers, and we can barely wait to see what he has in store for the ready to wear show.


Written by Kari Indergaard Sundli