08 Dec 2016 - 8:14 pm

Earlier this week, Carolina Herrera became the first American designer to be honored with the Women’s Leadership Award at this year’s Lincoln Center Corporate Fund Gala, a tribute to the designer’s contributions to fashion, culture and design throughout her 35 years of career.


Capturing iconic moments of her restless career, Carolina Herrera: 35 Years of Fashion is a brand new book that showcases the designer’s distinctive aesthetic and signature elegance on the occasion of the house’s thirty-fifth anniversary. In addition to archival images, the lavish visual materials include new photography of Herrera’s work from her 1981 debut to the present.


Personifying style and elegance herself, Carolina Herrera’s impeccable taste provides us with serious style inspiration for years to come, proving that her timeless designs are just as relevant today as they once were 35 years ago.


Written by Patricia Maeda