05 Aug 2014 - 4:32 pm
Trend Composition:
Written by Julia Kasper
Image by Bjoern Ewers
Image by Brad Carlile
Image by Bobby Singh and Brian Okarski

A classic combination of red white and blue gets a futuristic update with this emerging hyper-saturated, melded finish. We?ve spotted these fresh tri-color combinations across beauty, editorial, graphics and photography, with strong elements of ultra-violet, material melding and 3D-vision influences.

Galvanized metals are a quick way to nail the trend, with oil-slicked color overlays tinted with lilac and spectrum tints over silver leather.

Chemical reactions of huge force seem to have melded materials together, giving off an un-natural UV glow. Chemical treatments under intense heat give materials a bubbled, melted and cooled finish.

Image by Breun and Grega
fashion film-by Riese Farbaute
Background image by Bjoern Ewers.Round image by Riese Farbaute
Image by Jeff Koons
Molten, high-shine and wet-looks give the trend a feel of harsh futurism. We love Jeff Koons metallic Venus sculpture and Kenzo’s equally lustrous red leather sneakers.
Image by Phillip-K-Smith
Mattia Balsamini-for-laguna-glasswear-for attico
Image Left: Jia Hua Collection by Paul Jung Right: Laguna Glasswear by Attico

Jia Hua’s graduate collection, photographed by Paul Jung has an irresistible luminosity where white light picks up an ultra-violet tint. Attrico’s Laguna glassware provides the perfect cosmic-color palette of fuchsia-tinged red and deep violet that has been forced together under high-temperatures.

Cyan is layered with laser light-streaks in neon artworks, a trend that wont seem to fade. Navy and red swashes of translucent color create forcefully melded prints.

Image by Thierry Mugler
Image by Breun and Grega